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This is our new pride and joy.  We have developed technology that allows us to extract the information from your cell phone almost immediately, from your location.  Gone are the days of having to ship a device to the lab for a detailed break down.  We can provide the same service to you from the comfort of your office via our Remote Extraction Machine.

The machine is easy to set-up, and takes very little space.  Our technicians will walk you through the quick installation, then you are ready to begin providing the services to your clients. Best yet, there is no technical expertise required. Anyone in your office can perform the steps needed from your side.

Once you have installed the Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine, you will call one of our experts each time you need to perform an extraction.  They will tell you what steps to take to connect the device to our Remote Extraction Machine.  It will then link to us via your secure network, and we will retrieve the data.  We don’t even review anything found, therefore, confidentiality is maintained.   

Once the extraction is complete, our team will walk you through transferring the data to your USB thumb drive.  When the download is performed, you can take the drive to any computer you choose to review the report.  We will provide all documentation needed to ensure court admissibility and authenticity. 

Imagine the revolution this will create for your office.  Real-time extractions at a fraction of the cost. It would be malpractice to not provide this service to your clients.  Gone are the days of waiting days, weeks or months for the digital forensics tools information you need. With the instant turn-around, this could become the best tool in your arsenal. You owe it to yourself and your clients to be well-armed for battle. Contact us today to get started.