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The number of individuals falsely accused of crimes may never be known.  The number wrongfully convicted is just as hard to determine.  The only thing we can know is how many have been freed from illegal sentences for crimes they did not commit.  At the end of this article is a chart of exonerations from 1989 to the beginning of 2016.  The number of exoneration per year continues to increase.

 Not all convictions are people who lost at trial.  A very large number of people freed entered pleas of guilty to crimes they did not commit.  This may seem unbelievable, but put yourself in their shoes.  Imagine being accused of a crime that would result in a 90 year sentence.  Couple that with a half dozen additional charges that would add another 50 years.  Finally, consider that there have been threats to prosecute your spouse or other family members as accomplice fora crime you did not commit.  You and your children’s other parent could be locked away until you both die, unless you take the blame and accept a 10 year sentence.  What would you do?

 Black Swan forensic toolkit is here to look into every piece of digital evidence you can imagine.  Often, it can be proven it was impossible for you to have committed a crime.  Sometimes, it can even be proven no crime ever occurred.  These stories grow in number every day.  Do not become a statistic.  Even the “happy” stories, where the wrongfully convicted eventually go free, come at a high price to them and their families.