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Freedom is the name of the game for a criminal defense lawyer.  Rather it is an issue of securing bond for your client, or the ultimate verdict that is on the line, speed and accuracy can make al the difference in the world.  Once you are hired for a person charged with a crime, they often expect you to secure their immediate release.  The key to bond may very well be awaiting discovery within the confines of a cellular device owned by them or a loved one.   The ability to immediately access the valuable data they require can make the difference between bond today and bond next month.  Having reputation of rapid results is a selling point no lawyer can deny.

Sometimes, in discovery, you are given a very limited time to review evidence held by opposing counsel.  It is much easier to convince a judge to permit inspection of the device you seek today, with an instantaneous result and return of the exhibit than it is to get permission to send it off to a distant lab for interpretation.   

Faster settlements are important to improve your cash flow.  There are times when a cellular device can contain all the irrefutable proof you need to seal the deal and close a case.  When a client has been injured and needs cash now, you can provide a service no one else in the industry can access. Black Swan mobile device forensics will provide you a court admissible document in minutes that can end the long wait for results.  Imagine a day when you can be hired and prove every element of your case in the same day.  Liability can be taken off the table and permit you to argue damages in the time it used to take to find someone to perform a complex extraction.