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We know that time is of the essence for you and your clients.  When you are retained it is because the worst situation your client could imagine has occurred.  Answers are the only commodity in which they have an interest, and they expect immediate results.  Worst of all, they do not want to be inconvenienced in any way. Frankly, nothing in today’s world is more inconvenient than being without one’s cell phone. If the information you seek lies therein, this puts you in a  terrible situation.  Normally, it would require weeks to send the phone off to a lab for extraction.  Thanks to the Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine, this is a problem no more.

 A huge area in which the instant results assist are the cases where the client owns the phone, but it is used by another.  These circumstances can come about most often in domestic cases.  An unfaithful spouse or wayward child would miss a phone if it were gone for a month.  If it is “misplaced” for a few minutes, the phone’s absence may not even be noticed.  A deep dive into the secrets hidden behind that small screen are literal seconds away from discovery.

 Other situations are more for convenience.  Suppose you are working a case fo client who just knows their alibi defense lies within a friend’s phone.  While your client may be willing to part with their cellular device for a long period to secure their freedom, friends and family aren’t always so kind.  The ability to extract everything you need in moments can make the difference in your results.  You owe it to your clients to offer the fastest extractions on the planet.

 These are not the only benefits.  With the expertise we provide computer forensics tools, anyone your office can perform the extraction tasks from your side.  The revenue stream possible from immediate extractions is only limited by your tastes and preferences.  What would someone pay to be able to walk in off the street and access everything contained in the cell phone in their hand?