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It is often said a company’s most valuable asset is its people.  Retaining these assets is a task that can be daunting.  Head hunters are ever-present, looking to steal away your talent for the competition.  Equally important are the proprietary secrets these employees hold.  

 A perk that many are offered is the use of company cell phones, or phone bills that are covered by the business.  These actions can make the devices property of the company.  Company owned property is subject to review at a moment’s notice.  However, the time and expense it would take to employ a team to sty on top of all cell phone developments can far exceed the budget available.  Black Swan can be your partner by being the team you need, whenever you need us.  The expense is significantly less, making his valuable tool one you can afford.

 The reality of today’s business is that you can not afford for your employees to be out of contact with you or customers for more than a few minutes.  Sending off devices can take weeks, making this important line of communication unavailable for extended periods.  With the technology and expertise provided by the Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine, these deep dives into the recesses of the company phone can be completed in minutes.  In the time a worker an take to go to the restroom, we can provide you a complete, detailed report of the actions they have been taking on their devices.  Best yet, we can do this without having to see the information ourselves.  Our forensic computer analyst team of experts will walk your crew through the steps for unto complete the extraction remotely, then instructed them on downloading all the data to a USB drive that can be reviewed on your own computer. 

Imagine the possibilities of staying up-to-the-minute on actions taken on behalf of your company.  Our experts will keep you out in from of any problems that may have plagued you in the past.  You can’t afford to not have us on your team.