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Governmental security has become a hot topic in recent years.  Often, employees use either their issued cell phones, or phones to which they have agreed to permit access to perform permitted, and sometimes non-permitted, activities.  In order to protect your duties, you can instantly access reliable information contained on these devices.  Now you can know in moments if sensitive information has been illegally passed to unauthorized persons or entities.

Another great tool is for law enforcement.  While it is wonderful tone able to access cell phone data via a search warrant or permitted search, the information obtained is sometimes extremely time-sensitive.  In order to curtail illegal activities, or even to save a life, split-second availability of information is required. 

 You no longer have to wait on a lab with back-logs of work to get around to your case.  With Black Swan, we can provide actionable intel in moments instead of weeks.  We give you the mobile forensic tools you need to stop the foreseeable before it happens.  Know in an instant what the secrets that were hid away may reveal. We always operate within the bounds of the law, therefore you can rest assured that your hard work will not be swept away in technicalities.

We are proud to be at the forefront of speed and accuracy when it comes to cell phone extractions.  our patented technology allows you to gain the data you need without ever leaving your office.  You do not have to rush-ship or hand deliver the devices to a lab miles or states away.  In the time it takes to make a phone call, you can know everything the phone in your hand has to offer.  Our experts are available day and night, anytime you need assistance.  We will walk you through each extraction and provide you with court approved reports, often without the need to actually see what the data contains.  The confidentiality is maintained as you are able to download our reports and view them on your own computer.