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Did you know that habit is an admissible piece of evidence in court?  In auto accident cases, habit often comes into play with regards to seat-belt usage.  A man’s freedom rested on his habits in a criminal case in New York City in recent years.  He had the habit of calling his friend every day before work to wake him, just before 3 am.  They would then ride to work together.  He was accused of committing crime at this exact time.  The review of his cell phone records, along with the testimony of his friend, revealed he was in fact en-route to work at the time of the incident.  Later testimony of the victim showed he was not the man wanted for the grisly assault. 

How can Black Swan Digital Mobile Forensics help you prove habits?  In a variety of ways.  Modern vehicles are equipped with warnings for unbuckled seat belts.  When can show that every time your car was being operated, your seat belt was engaged.  This is proof positive if an accident happens in your vehicle, but it can be used as habit evidence if the collision occurred in another vehicle without the technology needed to show seat belt usage. 

Much like the young man in New York, we can also detail your daily habits such as route of travel, common stops, calls and even internet usage.  Consider being accused of a crime yourself.  With the technology we have patented, Black Swan can provide an innocent person with undeniable alibi defenses.  We can pinpoint where you were and when you were there.  In some instances, we can even obtain photographic proof.   

Habits, it is said, are hard to break.  Your habits could be the key to proper judgment in a court of law.  They can even be used to eliminate the need to ever see a court room.