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Seek Justice.
Protect the Innocent.

We stand alongside our customers and empower them to build stronger cases using advanced technology to uncover the most digital evidence.

Modernizing Digital Investigations

Law enforcement agencies and corporations are dealing with an avalanche of data, which is only increasing in volume and complexity. We are re-imagining digital investigations for the modern era with an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes, and technology

Cloud DAM Solutions

We primarily design cloud-based DAM software, which offer you more versatility and anytime access to all of your data from any device type or web browser. We can also design a native (iOS or Android) or cross-platform mobile app with the same functionality plus mobile camera scanning options. Cloud DAM solutions also allow for a faster implementation process and additional, scalable integrations.

Asset Creation and Management

Our custom DAM systems work for all asset types, including photos, graphics, audio, video, multimedia, templates, and presentations. We make it easy to convert analog objects, be they paper documents, forms or images, into digital assets. We design intuitive interfaces so you can seamlessly switch between batch scanning, encoding, using optical character recognition, and other digitizing processes.

Empowering Organizations With Digital Intelligence

Law Enforcement

Build the case with evidence you trust and can act on

Military & Intelligence

Get the intel you need, when you need it

Business & Enterprise Solutions

Protect Corporate Assets and Strengthen Civil Cases

Integrated Solutions Tailored to Quickly and Legally Access Key Digital Evidence

Whether your organization is handling litigation, corporate investigations or incident response, Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform reduces the risk derived from digital data.