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Web Developer / Google Partner Who Focuses On Implementing Brand Positioning & De-Positioning Science InTo Your Website, Social Media, & Marketing Channels.  I Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI) by Putting Digital Ads In Front Of Your Audience on Google, Bing & Social Media Channels.

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Digital Forensics Agency

I Focus On Finding Digital Facts On Devices. My Team Of Data Scientist, Examiners & Engineers Extract Phones, laptops, icloud, and more For E-Discovery, Corporate Situations, Legal Cases, and Public Or Private Situations Where Digital Evidence Is Required.  We Can Remote Extract Most Phones.


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What I Do

I run both a Digital Intelligence & Digital Marketing Agency. I solve problems with factual evidence.  I help clients solve their problems, pain points, or needs using digital tools.

My Approach

It’s impossible to provide accurate or in-depth opinions, information or advice for you, your brand, website, case, client, service or company without actually discussing your specific objectives, challenges, and conducting an in-depth review with you.

My Mission

My mission is to outsmart the competition vs. outspending the competition using intelligence, facts and stats for both digital marketing & for digital forensics.


Digital Forensics Services

Computer Extractions

We can extract any computer, laptops, etc.

Digital Evidence & E-discovery

We find digital evidence & turn it into E-discovery.

Corporate Forensics

We find evidence on your employees as needed.

Cell Phone Extractions

We specialize in Mobile Cell Phone Extractions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Digital Forensics?

Digital forensics is the modern day version of forensic science and deals with the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices. It is most often used in cybercrime situations, including but not limited to:

  • attribution
  • identifying leaks within an organization
  • assessing any damage occurred during a breach

Using the data collected from electronic devices, digital forensic investigators can stop hackers and other cybercriminals from compromising an organization’s digital infrastructure. They can also assist in recovering lost or stolen data, discover where a specific attack came from and trace it back to the source, and help create a detailed investigative report that can remedy any crime.

The field is spread across a number of subdivisions, all of which depend on the nature of the digital device that is the subject of the investigation, such as:

  • computer forensics
  • network forensics
  • forensic data analysis
  • mobile device forensics

Digital forensics and cybersecurity are connected in many ways and provide information to each other. For example, analyzing a breach may produce insights that could prevent future breaches and understand how particular threats work makes it easier for cybersecurity professionals and digital forensics investigators to establish a timeline and provide a direction for the investigation.

Digital forensics is a highly detailed investigative approach that collects and examines digital evidence that resides on electronic devices and subsequent response to threats and attacks. In the world of cybersecurity, Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) applies forensics to examine cases involving data breaches and malware, among others.

In many cases, digital forensics investigators have a background in computer sciences, which can help them develop the knowledge necessary to understand how virtual networks tick and work with one another. Most importantly, perhaps, they understand the vulnerabilities that exist within these systems and how they can be compromised.

Digital Forensics and the Corporate World

The likelihood of your company having to conduct a digital investigation is quite high. Many threats could be solved with a digital forensics approach, including litigation, data breaches, fraud, insider threats, HR issues and other cybersecurity problems.

Companies that hire a digital forensics professional will have firsthand information about their electronic data and how it may be interpreted in a court of law or by an investigator. The examiner will determine if any data has been altered within the system (which would indicate a breach of some nature). A digital forensic report provides the court with verified details about an incident and when it happened.

Unfortunately, it’s not always outside sources that commit these cyber crimes. Many companies turn to digital forensics experts to investigate members of their teams or for HR investigations. This can provide eye-opening insight into the company’s digital vulnerabilities, both as they pertain to outside sources and those within the business who may not otherwise have access to the system. Key to the investigation is determining whether anyone within the company has violated company policy with regards to the use of any computer hardware or software. That’s why it’s essential for the investigator to have a thorough understanding of operating systems in their entirety.

Companies that lose valuable digital information may also seek the skilled assistance of digital forensics professional to recover lost data from a hard drive that’s been erased. For example, they can trace a hack to its source, uncover valuable evidence that provides information about the culprit, and work in tandem with law enforcement to identify the crimes that have been committed. These people are invaluable to a digital investigation that requires a more in-depth view of enterprise-level  tech information. 

Derick Downs Can Find the Answers you Need

Research shows that motive and opportunity are the two primary reasons for people to commit crimes. While motive is the predominant factor, recent advancement in technology has changed the landscape for opportunities.

While each case will present its own set of challenges, key considerations in cyber investigations include:

  • The ability to identify, collect and analyze droves of electronic documents, databases and other sources of information promptly
  • Recognize and retrieve electronic documents that are intentionally hidden, password-protected or encrypted
  • The skill necessary to ensure data isn’t damaged or altered during an examination
  • The tools to maintain the evidentiary value of the data and the media it’s stored within

Our digital world has made it easier to commit cyber crimes, which has created many challenges related to how to investigate these incidents (e.g., fraud, unauthorized access, theft of intellectual property and sabotage). This has created an environment where a multi-disciplinary investigative approach is required to uncover a solution to these crimes.

Companies that lose valuable digital information may also seek the skilled assistance of a digital forensics professional. The investigator may be able to recover that lost data from a hard drive that’s been erased. They can trace a hack to its source, uncover valuable evidence that provides information about the culprit, and work in tandem with detectives and police officers to solve a case.

For businesses, many of which have or will likely encounter a cyber breach in the near future, the skills possessed by digital forensics professionals are invaluable in investigations that require the ability to decipher in-depth technological information.

What Is A Google Partner?

Achieving Partner status means that your company has demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise, met Google ad spend requirements, delivered company agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown its client base. Partner status gives your company access to a number of benefits, including the Google Partner badge that can be shown on your website and marketing materials.  Derick Downs is an active Google Partner with Downs Agency. 

What is a GoDaddy Pro?

The GoDaddy Pro program was created to support web designers and developers who use GoDaddy products to build and maintain websites for their clients. 

What is the cost to extract cell phones?

Derick Downs can extract data from almost any device.  I need to understand the situation before giving accurate solutions. Sometimes we can remote into your device to image it, others I will come to you, or send you one of my remote extraction machines to plug into.  Give me a call! 

What is forensic in cyber security?

Digital Forensics is a branch of forensic science which includes the identification, collection, analysis and reporting any valuable digital information in the digital devices related to the computer crimes, as a part of the investigation.

In simple words, Digital Forensics is the process of identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidences. The first computer crimes were recognized in the 1978 Florida computers act and after this, the field of digital forensics grew pretty fast in the late 80-90’s. It includes the area of analysis like storage media, hardware, operating system, network and applications.

It consists of 5 steps at high level:

    • Identification of evidence
      It includes of identifying evidences related to the digital crime in storage media, hardware, operating system, network and/or applications. It is the most important and basic step.
    • Collection
      It includes preserving the digital evidences identified in the first step so that they doesn’t degrade to vanish with time. Preserving the digital evidences is very important and crucial.
    • Analysis
      It includes analyzing the collected digital evidences of the committed computer crime in order to trace the criminal and possible path used to breach into the system.
    • Documentation
      It includes the proper documentation of the whole digital investigation, digital evidences, loop holes of the attacked system etc. so that the case can be studied and analysed in future also and can be presented in the court in a proper format.
  • Presentation
    It includes the presentation of all the digital evidences and documentation in the court in order to prove the digital crime committed and identify the criminal.

Branches of Digital Forensics:

    • Media forensics
      It is the branch of digital forensics which includes identification, collection, analysis and presentation of audio, video and image evidences during the investigation process.
    • Cyber forensics
      It is the branch of digital forensics which includes identification, collection, analysis and presentation of digital evidences during the investigation of a cyber crime.
    • Mobile forensics
      It is the branch of digital forensics which includes identification, collection, analysis and presentation of digital evidences during the investigation of a crime committed through a mobile device like mobile phones, GPS device, tablet, laptop.
  • Software forensics
    It is the branch of digital forensics which includes identification, collection, analysis and presentation of digital evidences during the investigation of a crime related to softwares only.


Spyware is a big problem in 2021.  Almost 50% the calls we have receive recently are about people who have recently been hacked on social media, email account, nest, arlo, icloud, wifi, network & more.  There are millions of different ways they can hack you, but one then if for sure:




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