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ORO VALLEY, Ariz., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM), the creators of ARknet, today announced the launch of TravelPin inside the ARknet mobile platform. TravelPin allows travelers and vacationers the ability to create, share, and explore geo-located augmented reality TravelPins all around the world that are filled with photos, memories, travel experiences, and more. Users can create TravelPins and display years or even decades of travel experiences or browse others and add those places to your bucket list.

TravelPins are a worldwide mapped community of geo-located 3D augmented objects which live inside of the larger ARknet social platform. Users can interact with these TravelPins and other 3D objects in augmented reality by using ARknet’s “Summon” and “Teleport” features. Summoning allows for a user to select a TravelPin from anywhere in the world and manifest it in augmented reality at their current location for interaction. Teleporting temporarily positions a user’s geo-location anywhere in the world allowing for exploration and creating as if they were actually there. Visit or create travel pins in the United States, Spain, Antarctica, or anywhere in the world where you have traveled.

At the core of ARknet’s mission is content and data privacy. When a user creates their TravelPins, it is at their discretion whether their content is private for only them to see, has restricted access only viewable by friends, or public for all to experience and interact with.

David LaMountain, Tautachrome’s COO said, “We are excited to officially launch ARknet’s TravelPin brand as people love to explore, create, and share with others. Even though 2020 thus far has seen a halt to the majority of the world’s travel plans, TravelPin still allows for users to not only share a lifetime of past experiences but also explore others’ and decide where they are headed next.”

In the coming months, we will be launching other new and exciting brands inside the ARknet platform. Stay tuned as we bring even more fun and utility for communities all over the world.

Visit www.TravelPin.io to learn more or download ARknet to begin exploring and creating.

Download ARknet for Androidhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.honeycombarchive.arknet  

Download ARknet for iOShttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/arknet/id1466870072

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