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ORO VALLEY, Ariz., Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM), the developer of the ARknet platform, today announced the strengthening of the licensing agreement for the platform with the addition of a new provisional patent, “System and Method for Creating Geo-Located Augmented Reality Communities.” This provisional patent was officially filed with the US Patent Office on Friday, July 31st, 2020. This filing allows for additional claims to be added to the patent application over the next 12 months, as new technology is developed and rolled out.

The ARknet social platform uses a multitude of geo-located 3D augmented reality objects across a single navigable network. The user-created 3D objects are anchored in the physical world around the user and are accessible and interactable using ARknet’s Summon and Teleport features. While the patent application claims cannot currently be discussed in detail, Tautachrome has said the expanded visual experience and related interaction with 3D objects taught in this new patent application will first appear and be available in the MainSt.Shopping branded business center inside the ARknet platform.

Jordan Gray, ARknet’s platform architect with over 20 years of experience in digital ecosystems development, said today, “The digital communities created in the early years of social media that still persist today are largely unchanged. We are reimagining a more intelligent, private, and useful all-in-one user-centric mobile and wearable assistive technology to help people and teams of people as they go about their daily activities.”

Dr. Jon N. Leonard, Tautachrome’s CEO and a holder of numerous patents, said today, “I’m a great believer in the value afforded by strong patent protection, and I’m convinced that the patent claims we are laying down here in this provisional patent will set the course for how communities will better be able to organize, collaborate, and facilitate easier transactions in commerce using augmented reality in the future.”

Tautachrome currently owns five granted US Patents for its KlickZie imagery technology and will continue to pursue internal IP development. Tautachrome will also continue to strengthen its core technology position, license agreements, development partnerships, and strategic intellectual property acquisitions as such actions will further protect its patent and IP portfolio.

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About Tautachrome, Inc: Tautachrome, Inc. (OTC:TTCM) is an emerging growth company in the Internet applications space. The company has licenses, revolutionary patents, and patents pending in augmented reality, smartphone image authentication, and imagery-based social networking. The company is leveraging these technologies to develop privacy and security-based applications for global business and personal use.

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