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E-Commerce Marketing

Derick leverages his expertise selling products to develop a digital marketing mix that brings in new customers, while increasing the lifetime value of existing customers.

Driving website traffic is one thing, but competing on Amazon or E-bay is an art.  My approach to conversion involves a methodical approach that incorporates A/B testing, user testing, and analytics, and some common sense.

I use a variety of digital marketing techniques to ensure that your customers stick around, come back, and continue to buy.  I have a lot of experience with email/CRM marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, loyalty programs, analytics dashboards, and more.

It can be critical that your audience can connect with your brand across multiple channels. It becomes increasingly important to build multichannel marketing strategies, understand how you are going to measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs), and deploy conversion optimization methods to help grow your e-commerce business before you just list a product and pray.  Derick tries to  not only understand every ecommerce marketing channel, but master the tricks behind them.

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This allows us to partner with ecommerce marketers who are in-house or support an early stage ecommerce business that needs a full-service approach

Derick's E-commerce Services Include:

  • Marketing strategy and planning
  • Multichannel program management (SEO, PPC, social media, retargeting, programmatic, shopping, email, and affiliate)
  • Customer loyalty and rewards program development
  • Conversion optimization and testing (A/B, CRO)
  • Promotions and platforms (UGC contests, viral sweepstakes)
  • Content development (video, motion graphics, infographics, articles, blogs)
  • Experience with both B2C and B2B target audiences
  • Much more on a case by case basis