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Flipping Domains

This book will help beginners understand the wonderful world of flipping domains.  Derick will help you figure out ways to find domains that people will pay for. Check out the book and let’s set up a call if you have any old domains in your account that you want to sell, or any domains in mind that you want to purchase.

Derick will include a FREE 5-6 WordPress website when you purchase any domain in his portfolio.


Flipping Domains

Whether you want to earn a little side income, or earn a full-time living each year from your computer at home, domain & website flipping is perhaps one of the best ways to accomplish that.  My main point of writing this book was very straightforward and simple.  I wanted to determine if becoming an author would help my social media verification with Instagram.  Many people want it, but it is rather hard to get unless you are a famous celebrity, athlete, influencer, etc.  Currently I wouldn’t classify myself into any one of those categories. So instead I am testing this E-book route with my hobby of Flipping Domains. Ride the wave with me and lets see how it goes!





Learn Derick’s Tricks

Don’t worry if you are struggling to come up with solid domain name ideas. One of my favorite ways to find domains is by finding influencers online who do not own their domain yet.  I will find accounts that I think will be able to grow over the years, or are unable to trademark because the name is just too general. I then purchase the .com and immediately list the domain for sale. 

*Warning Haters Will Hate*

Free Website

When you purchase any domain from DDLIST.com