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Websites & Apps

Derick takes pride in understanding the unique needs of his clients when it comes to websites and apps.

I take a hands onn approach that remains true the identity you want to show.

I dont expect you to know the ins and outs of website development, so I take a load off your mind by taking care of domain name, hosting, app store, and technical setup, updates, etc. You don’t have to do anything besides sign off once we complete tasks.

By default, all my websites we build are responsive, fast, secure and user-friendly. I try to look at things from a users perspective.

Wannt get get a Free quote on an app or a website? Book a 15 min call with Derick to learn more.

Derick takes search engines into consideration when developing a website . At the end of the day, why would you need a website if it can’t be found online?