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What I Do

I help business owners implement brand positioning & de-positioning science to help crush competition & increases the Return On Investment (ROI). Because nobody likes paying agencies, employees, or freelancers for poor results.

My Approach

It’s impossible to provide accurate or in-depth opinions, information or advice for you, your brand, service or company without actually discussing your specific objectives, challenges, and conducting an in-depth review with you.

My Mission

My mission for every website I work on is to outsmart the competition vs. outspending the competition. Derick Downs uses a proven process that controls the audiences perception in favor of our brand and away from our competitors.

Derick’s July Offer

Derick Downs will Deliver:

  • 5 page WordPress Website        
  • 48-72 hour turn around time    
  • 1 hour Digital Consulting Call     
  • $150 Google ads coupon Promo
  • Google Ads Search Campaign     
  • Google Ads Display Re-marketing campaign
  • Google Ads in All Digital Sizes            

Domain Broker

Derick Downs helps domain investors purchase or sell domains on multiple platforms using advance domain tools, techniques, and strategies.

Digital Strategist

Derick helps domain owners implement brand positioning & de-positioning science that helps crush the competition while increasing their ROI.

Google Partner

Derick Downs has been a badge google partner for  over 12 years. With a passion for technology, He holds 15 active Google certifications or awards.

Digital Consultant

Derick can save you time, money, and a big headache by building your website and creating your google ads marketing campaigns together. 

Crush Your Competition

Derick will show you how to implement brand positioning & de-positioning science thought all your digital marketing channels & message. 

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