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Why Hire Derick Downs?

Domain owners do not want to spend a lot of time or money on website design & development, then spend more money on marketing their new site to their audience. 

Derick Downs will design & develop a beautiful WordPress website (including custom Google Ads Search Campaign & Display Re-marketing campaign) quickly at a low price.

Derick’s skill set includes extensive website design & development skills, as well as 12+ years of digital marketing as a Google Partner.  Derick can save you time, money, and a big headache by building your website + marketing campaigns at the same time himself.

What I Do

I help business owners implement brand positioning & de-positioning science to help crush competition & increases the Return On Investment (ROI). Because nobody likes paying agencies, employees, or freelancers for poor results. 

My Approach

It’s impossible to provide accurate or in-depth opinions, information or advice for you, your brand, service or company without actually discussing your specific objectives and challenges, and conducting an in-depth review with you. 

My Mission

The mission for every website is to outsmart the competition vs. outspending the competition. Derick Downs uses a proven process that controls the audiences perception in favor of our brand and away from our competitors.

Our Approach

Derick Downs Approach

Derick needs to learn about your goals, your customers, and the competitive landscape you face. Derick’s goal is to get all the data he needs to make decisions based on stats.

Turning research data into executable strategies is crucial to the success of your website. Knowing exactly who your target audience is & what their pain points are is where we start.

If a new website is needed,  Derick can make high quality custom designs that help deliver results. My team of graphic designers will help you attract and convert your target customers.

Once we figure out our strategy, we develop your website or landing pages that will gain the attention your potential audience will see.  Derick develops and implements your preferred method of tracking.

Once you approve our development work then we push your website to whatever hosting you use. Your website launch is just the start. Our post-launch marketing will ensure your platform keeps evolving with your needs. Call or Text Derick E-mail Derick

Digital Contracts Completed


Refi.com is a Free loan validation and matching service that enables customers prequalify for multiple loan products across a large network of leading financial institutions.  During Derick’s contract, he built the website, landing pages, and managed the affiliate program for Refi.com. 


Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in San Diego. Derick was a main executive during the development of their SAP platform.  Derick also worked as the SR. Project manager for Sony Vaio, as well as American Parts Repair Center (APRC), helping vendors like Best Buy, RentACenter, and many more.


This site brings the world of Michelin e-Business to you in one convenient on-line location.  Derick has been helping Michelin partners with websites, SEO, SEM and more for car shops for over 10 years.

Invest & Develop

InDev LLC is a private San Diego-based investment and development firm based out of San Diego.  Derick built their main site, as well as several other sites for various units that Indev’s built.  Derick manages Indev’s marketing.


Refinance.com is an on-line service that uses a combination of artificial intelligence to assist consumers in securing all types of loans.  Derick helped build the website(s) and mobile applications during the relaunch in 2016. Derick still manages the website for Refinance.com as well as marketing campaigns.

Independent Financial Group

Independent Financial Group (ifgsd.com) is a comprehensive Independent Financial Services company in Del Mar.  Derick helped rebuild their internal platforms and manages their Google ads marketing campaigns.