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What I Do

I help business owners implement brand positioning & de-positioning science to help crush competition & increases the Return On Investment (ROI). Because nobody likes paying agencies, employees, or freelancers for poor results.


My Approach

It’s impossible to provide accurate or in-depth opinions, information or advice for you, your brand, service or company without actually discussing your specific objectives, challenges, and conducting an in-depth review with you.


My Mission

My mission for every website I work on is to outsmart the competition vs. outspending the competition. Derick Downs uses a proven process that controls the audiences perception in favor of our brand and away from our competitors.

About Derick Downs

As the founder of Downs Agency I partner with companies to bring ideas to life. I showcase clients offers, products, and services in front of their target audiences using a combination of brand positioning & digital strategies.

Author & Domain Broker

Derick Downs helps domain investors purchase or sell domains on multiple platforms. Want to learn about flipping domains? Check out my book on Amazon

Growth Hacker

A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers.  Derick Downs can help you think outside the box

Derick Downs has been a badge google partner for  over 12 years. With a passion for technology, He holds 15 active Google certifications or awards. We are located above right field at Petco Park.  Come stop by and say hi anytime!


Derick offers consulting services for startups to publicly traded companies.  Book a phone call to see if Derick can help implement brand positioning science into your marketing stratiegies.  


This book will help beginners understand the wonderful world of flipping domains.  Derick Downs will help you figure out ways to find domains that people will pay for. Check out the book and let’s set up a call if you have any old domains in your account that you want to sell, or any domains in mind that you want to purchase.

Derick will include a 5 page custom WordPress website with any domain purchase from DD List

Success Stories

Derick really is a wizard with websites & SEO! He ALWAYS is the person with the most energy in the room & is ALL about doing whatever it takes for his clients. 

Warren Carlyle


I cannot even begin to tell you how you have CHANGED MY LIFE THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.  Thank you!                                                                                              

Cici Persha

Independent Financial Group

Can’t say enough great things about these guys. Phenomenal product and insane dedication to the UX.                                                                                              

Christian Cooper