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About Derick Downs

Growing up I had no intention of being a tech dork. My plan was to play quarterback for the NFL, or at least play lacrosse & quarterback in college. However that dream died quickly after high school once I didn’t get offered a scholarship.

At the time in 2002, I learned about this new interesting thing called “The Internet”. Little did I know that years later this little internet thing would grow into my hobby, my obsession, and end up being the way I make a living as an adult! CRAZY!?

Currently I have 15 active Google certifications, a portfolio of domains I broker, and just recently I launched my first book on Amazon called “Flipping Domains”, a book to help beginners learn how to buy & sell domains.

As the founder of Downs Agency I partner with companies to bring ideas to life. I showcase clients offers, products, and services in front of their target audiences using a combination of digital strategies to gain maximum ROI.

I specialize in :

-Digital Consulting
-Website & App Design & Development
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)
-Affiliate & Performance Marketing
-Amazon Marketing Services
-Google Ads / Bing Ads / Paid Media
-Social Media Marketing / Content Marketing
-Digital Project Management
-Domain Brokering

Over the years I’ve worked with some of the best companies in the world: Sony, Google, NoteVault, Esub, Miva, Einstein, REFI.com, Michelin, GMC, HoldRight, New American Funding, Refinance.com, Lending Tree, IFGSD.com, Speed Society, Fast Print, Garage Door Medics, Whiley, MD and many others.

Awesome things people said about me off LinkedIn:

🌟 I cannot even begin to tell you how you have CHANGED MY LIIIFFFEEEE THIS IS SO WONDERFUL.  Thank you! ~ Cici Persha ~ Independent Financial Group (ifgsd.com)

🌟Derick really is a wizard with websites & SEO! He ALWAYS is the person with the most energy in the room and is ALL about doing whatever it takes for his clients – even if it means designing an elaborate campaign that no one has ever thought about before! ~ Warren Carlyle ~ Octonation

🌟 Can’t say enough great things about these guys. “Follow Per Click “ Phenomenal product and insane dedication to the UX. ~ Christian H. Cooper ~ Founder & Author @ Wiley

For speaking opportunities, business development needs, marketing questions, website help, consulting request, or anything else: Please call or text (800)HUGEWIN | E-mail [email protected]

Common name misspellings & nicknames: DD, Drock, Drick, Derek, Derrick, Upson, Upzon, Downs, Ddowns, Downs Agency, DDList, Downs Agency, Double D, Downs D

Why Derick?


Derick has been know for some of the craziest ideas and methods you can imagine. Sometimes thinking completely different can be the biggest disruptor in your industry.


Derick can help with all things digital. Need help with raising capital? Contact Derick to help with a business evaluation of your current stage.


With over 10 years of coding and 1000+ completed websites, Derick can help deliver the exact website you want. Ask How